1. New desk and shelves in Eowyn and Ester’s room. They are very happy about it and want to paint the desk half orange and half purple (their favourite colours). Inspired by “Rum för kidsen”  (http://dosfamily.com/2014/03/yes-our-book-is-now-in-the-stores/) by Isabelle and Jenny I’m thinking why not? It’s their room so the most important thing is that they like it, isn’t it? 


  2. Our neighbour’s apartment is for sale. Check it out here

    (images via Stadshem)


  3. They fit. :-)


  4. Voilà - the first item sewn at my new sewing desk. A pair of overalls for Ellis. Haven’t tried them on yet, I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll fit. 


  5. Happy saturday!


  6. At our apartment today.


  7. This weekend has been a perfect mix of fixing stuff at home, and hanging out in the sun (spring has arrived in Gothenburg!). The sewing machines has gotten a permanent place, and three shelves on top holds most of the fabrics. This made room for a lot of other rearrangements in the apartment, for example a new (old) cupboard in the girls’ room, a bigger play table in Ellis room where they can build Duplo and play. 


  8. As I mentioned before I’m a much more frequent user of Instagram at the moment. I mostly post pics of my family and our daily life, but if you don’t mind that, please visit me there. Here’s Ellis and his friend Jonathan playing in Ellis’ room. 


  9. It’s tough to get into the habit of blogging again. Instagram has taken over a bit for many of us I guess. 

    Anyhow, this sunday I’m making plans for a new desk in our living room, where I can have the sewing machines. I don’t like having to put them away every time I’ve sewn something, even though we have a big table that we mostly use for crafts and sitting with our laptops/iPads, the sewing machines tend to take up too much space. So a separate desk for them seems to be a good solution.


  10. It’s been some time since my last post. I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately, mostly work, family and a little bit of sewing and knitting. So this blog hasn’t really been a priority. But we have a lot of new plans for the apartment, as well as the summer cabin that I do want to share, so I’ll try to get into the habit of blogging again. Here are some pics from this afternoon to start with. Isn’t it great that the light has started to return? It’s no longer pitch dark when I get home from work.