1. Getting ready for Christmas - today we finished the gingerbread house. Happy holidays!



  3. This week we’ve gotten the first snow of the year. So much fun!


  4. Pretty and colorful apartment, with a lot of nice details.

    (images via Stadshem)


  5. Playing with Lego.


  6. Some more pics from this weekend, which was a very good one.


  7. This super nice Gothenburg apartment, which belongs to this blogger, was featured in the Swedish magazine Hus & hem recently. I love the William Morris wallpapers but also the greyish pastel colored walls. 

    (images Lina Östling via Hus & hem)


  8. In an attempt to keep the tiles (which I really don’t like) in our kitchen, I’ve started re-painting the grout in a much darker shade instead. I really think it makes a huge difference. The new grout color is on the left and the original color on the right. I wouldn’t have picked these tiles anyway but now I think I can live with them, almost kind of like them. :)


  9. So far so god. We’re mostly taking it slow, and yes, I’m taking the easy way out letting the kids use the ipads and watch tv a lot this weekend. :-) But right now we’re getting ready for a Halloween-party.


  10. We’re getting ready for the weekend over here. Johan is away on a trip so I’m preparing for a fun and action packed (and probably a little bit exhausting) weekend with the little ones. I bought some tea candles, magazines, diet coke and chocolate today, so I think I’m all set (although I’m not sure that I’ll get around to use all of the above..).

    I wish you all a nice friday!