1. Maximizing storage

    We’re thinking of getting a new bookcase; to maximize storage we want one that covers an entire wall in our living room. Unfortunately the bookcases we have today are no longer sold so we’re going to have to sell/donate those and go for a new solution. 

    Normally I’m a big fan of wall mounted shelves, but since we have a temporary (?) blocked door behind the shelves (with a shelf on the other side) that’s not an option.

    Inspired by, amongst others, Brinja’s home, I think we might go for an all-white-cover-the-entire-wall solution: 

    Having something custom built would probably be the nicest solution but that’s just too expensive. Right now we’re thinking of getting a bunch of Billy’s from Ikea and then cover the left over space on the sides (and perhaps on top?) to make it fit exactly. Does someone have any other tips on where to get (preferably rather cheap…) white bookcases like these?

    (images Brinja)

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