1. Bookshelf thoughts

    A while ago I wrote about how we wanted to maximize the storage in our living room and shortly after that we got the Hemnes bookshelves to cover an entire wall. However, I’m not totally pleased with the result, I think that the Hemnes bookcases get a bit clumsy when put together like this and that they take up too much space in the room. So now, we’re discussing switching to Billy bookcases instead. Or perhaps we should go ahead and have a book case custom made? But that’s probably way more expensive. 

    I really hate the feeling of not being totally content with things in our home; the bad conscience, mostly environmental but also economical, about getting rid of something that’s still quite new and definitely not broken (even though we would of course not throw them away but rather sell them or use them someplace else). But still; I do want a home that I’m happy with. And I tend to want to change things after a while. Does anyone recognize the feeling? And do you have any ideas about book shelf solutions?