1. Happy saturday!


  2. As I mentioned before I’m a much more frequent user of Instagram at the moment. I mostly post pics of my family and our daily life, but if you don’t mind that, please visit me there. Here’s Ellis and his friend Jonathan playing in Ellis’ room. 


  3. It’s been some time since my last post. I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately, mostly work, family and a little bit of sewing and knitting. So this blog hasn’t really been a priority. But we have a lot of new plans for the apartment, as well as the summer cabin that I do want to share, so I’ll try to get into the habit of blogging again. Here are some pics from this afternoon to start with. Isn’t it great that the light has started to return? It’s no longer pitch dark when I get home from work.


  4. Getting ready for New Years Eve. The kids got a mirror ball for Christmas so I think tonight will be really festive! We’re having some friends over for dinner. Time to get the playlist ready. Happy New Year!


  5. Getting ready for Christmas - today we finished the gingerbread house. Happy holidays!



  7. This week we’ve gotten the first snow of the year. So much fun!


  8. Playing with Lego.


  9. Some more pics from this weekend, which was a very good one.


  10. So far so god. We’re mostly taking it slow, and yes, I’m taking the easy way out letting the kids use the ipads and watch tv a lot this weekend. :-) But right now we’re getting ready for a Halloween-party.