1. Our neighbour’s apartment is for sale. Check it out here

    (images via Stadshem)


  2. At our apartment today.


  3. This weekend has been a perfect mix of fixing stuff at home, and hanging out in the sun (spring has arrived in Gothenburg!). The sewing machines has gotten a permanent place, and three shelves on top holds most of the fabrics. This made room for a lot of other rearrangements in the apartment, for example a new (old) cupboard in the girls’ room, a bigger play table in Ellis room where they can build Duplo and play. 


  4. Hope that everybody’s had a nice Christmas. We sure did, and now we’re fortunate enough to have two more weeks off before we go back to work. Here’s some kids room inspiration that I stumbled upon. I like keeping the books piled up underneath the bed. 

    (images via Petits petits tresors


  5. Pretty and colorful apartment, with a lot of nice details.

    (images via Stadshem)


  6. This super nice Gothenburg apartment, which belongs to this blogger, was featured in the Swedish magazine Hus & hem recently. I love the William Morris wallpapers but also the greyish pastel colored walls. 

    (images Lina Östling via Hus & hem)


  7. This is so cool. Photographer Menno Aden takes pictures of different rooms from above. See more here!

    (images Menno Aden)


  8. This kitchen from Ikea is a favorite of mine. I wonder if grey would be too dark in our kitchen?

    (image Ikea)


  9. This little balcony table would fit perfectly on our balcony. 

    (image via Bo-laget)


  10. Check out my second hand life, for some really inspiring pictures! 

    (images Kalle Lydman via my second hand life)