1. On my wish-list for this winter: sustainable dark brown leather boot from Kavat


  2. TP Table cloth

    We’re always looking out for good looking and durable oilcloths/table cloths for our dining room table (where a whole lot of gluing, painting, clay-ing, eating and drinking takes place). I’m a sucker for small repetitive patterns in bright colors but they’re not that easy to find. This one from Nordic Design Collective/Toodeloo is really nice. The pattern’s inspired by a classical board game. 

    (image Toodeloo)


  3. Must have these shoes for fall! Jodhpurs from Kavat (marked with the Eu-Ecolabel). 

    (image via Kavat)


  4. Took a long walk around town in the sunshine (and cold) and thrifted some clothes for Ellis today. A lovely red knitted sweater (if I shouldn’t finish mine for a while…) and a pair of really cool pants. 


  5. Car boot sale

    Today Ellis and I took a walk to a car boot sale near by. We got there a bit late but I did find a cute tea pot. 


  6. Hello C-3PO and R2-D2

    Got me some Star wars-inspired posters from Etsy. And an second hand overall for Ellis (almost new!). The other stuff’s old. (Except Ellis. He’s still quite new.) 



  7. Old quilt

    There hasn’t been many opportunities for visiting thrift stores and flea markets this summer for us (it hasn’t really been prioritized…), but luckily you always have eBay at hand. Especially if you’re, like me, spending a lot of time in the sofa, feeding a kid, it’s good (or perhaps bad?) that all sorts of findings are just a click away. Today I picked up this old quilt in the mail: 

    Don’t know if we’re going to use it outside as a picknick blanket or inside for Ellis to lie on. Either way it’s quite stylish, don’t you think?

    Speaking of shopping, here you can browse through IKEA’s 2013 catalog online. Some really nice things in there! 


  8. More cushions!

    Some fabrics (fair trade!) from Afroart arrived in the mail the other day - now I’m going to sew some more cushions.


  9. Stockholm shopping

    This weekend I went to Stockholm to visit some good friends. I also did some Christmas shopping: 

    A second hand jewelry box/mirror for Eo and a handmade and fair trade bracelet for myslef, from Afroart. 


  10. Nice earrings from Johanna B. Made of second hand fabrics.