1. This weekend we’ve been quite busy, but with a lot of fun stuff. We’ve gone swimming twice, the girls have participated in a bicycle race and, the thing I’m perhaps most pleased about: we’ve been cycling a lot around town to these different events. I really like it that we, using our chariot carrier and a kids seat behind my bike, now can transport the entire family without the need for neither a car nor public transportation. Of course, I have nothing against public transportation, but using bicycles just feels much more flexible. I predict that this summer we’ll use our bikes a lot! 


  2. Bookshelf thoughts

    A while ago I wrote about how we wanted to maximize the storage in our living room and shortly after that we got the Hemnes bookshelves to cover an entire wall. However, I’m not totally pleased with the result, I think that the Hemnes bookcases get a bit clumsy when put together like this and that they take up too much space in the room. So now, we’re discussing switching to Billy bookcases instead. Or perhaps we should go ahead and have a book case custom made? But that’s probably way more expensive. 

    I really hate the feeling of not being totally content with things in our home; the bad conscience, mostly environmental but also economical, about getting rid of something that’s still quite new and definitely not broken (even though we would of course not throw them away but rather sell them or use them someplace else). But still; I do want a home that I’m happy with. And I tend to want to change things after a while. Does anyone recognize the feeling? And do you have any ideas about book shelf solutions? 



  3. A nice and sustainable alternative to a classical light bulb (which won’t even be available in Europe after September I think) is this LED-lamp. I’ve been looking for a cool lamp to replace our visible light bulbs (for example the ones we have around the window in our summer cabin), but until now I’ve had a hard time finding one. This one is quite expensive to buy (especially if you need a bunch of them, like we do) but it’ll be less expensive in the long run, with lower energy costs plus that it lasts much, much longer.  

    (image via varuhuset.etc.se)


  4. Gårdsbutik Göteborg

    We just decided to try out our first home delivery grocery shopping (which apparently has become extremely popular here in Sweden, it was even supposed to be the Christmas present this year). 

    For us it’s not that important to get our groceries delivered to the door any more, since we nowadays have good stores on walking distance, including stores that specializes in organic and locally produced food. But when we stumbled upon Gårdsbutik Göteborg, who specializes in locally produced groceries, and only delivers once a month, we thought it would be worth a try. I really like their philosophy and hopefully it’ll give us a chance to try out some new products. And it will even be delivered by bicycle to us. :-) 


  5. Vacation’s almost over

    We’ve had a couple of days with really nice weather lately, but today it’s raining outside, so me and Eowyn are going to the cinema to see Cars 2. A week ago we went on a boattrip to one of the islands south of Gothenburg, where there are no cars. Just bicycles and mopeds for transportation. Very calm and picturesque. 

    Speaking of cars, we no longer own one. The car that was parked next to ours burned (!) late one night and our car was so damaged that the insurance company gave us money instead. So now we’ve joined a car pool, which we had intended to do anyway, but in a couple of years time. It works really well!  


  6. Five tonne life?

    The one tonne life-project that I wrote about a while ago has ended. Even though the family did manage to cut their emissions quite a lot and our environment minister here in Sweden said the result was “inspiring”, I find the result to be not-at-all-comforting. We must do a lot more before we’re at a level where our lifestyle actually is sustainable. An interesting analysis and critique of the project and the results can be read here (in Swedish). The analysis shows that the family had an emission of about five tonne per person and year, not one tonne.  


  7. Shopping

    I went to H&M yesterday to have a look at their Concious collection, which of course feels more like a PR thing than a serious intent to make a difference. But anyways. Some of the things were quite nice but why on earth did they make everything in white?? Far too impractical for us. Instead, I walked out of there with some hair bands and two not-at-all-concious-but-really-cool t-shirts to match Eowyn and Ester’s new tutu skirts (Eowyn is sort of obsessed with her “dancing skirt” at the moment). At least the hair bands where made of organic cotton.

    A Ramones-t-shirt for Ester. Come on, who can resist?!

    Eowyn’s outfit. The skirt was a second hand finding.


  8. Earth hour

    Tonight it’s earth hour, so we’re going to shut down all electrical light and light some candles instead. Makes me think of last year, when we we’re ill and went to bed before it all started. The year before that we played board games, that was nice.


  9. Greener paint

    I wrote a while ago about green paint, and now I’ve read up a bit on the subject (e.g. in the magazine Kloka hem) so I thought I’d share some useful links with you. When it comes to the environment, there seems to be some difference, also between different water based colors (surprise surprise!?…).

    Rina made a commented about Jotun Sens, and I also got a comment about Farrow & Ball’s paint, which both seems like a good alternatives, although the latter don’t seem to have any resellers here in Gothenburg.

    In Sweden we have Auro, which seems like the best alternative for me. They don’t use any preservatives or synthetic binders in their paint, only natural binders and pigments. They have a wide range of products, although not all colors can be produced using only natural pigments. You can order their paint via their web site. Next time I think I’ll give them a try.


  10. Green paint?

    The last couple of days we’ve done quite a bit of painting around here. Although I’ve been interested in using spray paint, for the quick fix-effect, I must say that I would not use anything else than water-based paints right now. Apart from being more environmental friendly, it’s also a huge advantage that we can paint in the living room, after the kids have gone to sleep. Otherwise we would never get anything done around here… :) But I wonder if there is paint out there that’s even more environmental friendly (I’m currently using paint labeled with svanen, a Nordic environmental label, so I guess it’s not that bad)?

    What kind of paint do you prefer for your own fix-up projects? 

    One of our painting projects - the second hand kids chairs in Ester’s room.